PaLA Virtual Journal Club: Providing Opportunities for Reflection, Improvement, and Connections


  • Carrie Bishop Indiana University of Pennsylvania
  • Christina Riehman-Murphy Penn State Abington
  • Melissa Correll Arcadia University



A journal club is one means for those in similar professions or practices to read, discuss, and keep up with professional literature with colleagues. Journal clubs are most frequently associated with the medical professions; however, many professionals, including librarians, can benefit from the reading of research and the subsequent discussions and camaraderie that a journal club can elicit. This article describes the launch of a statewide virtual journal club for librarians in Pennsylvania. Now in its third series, the Pennsylvania Library Association (PaLA) College & Research Division (CRD) journal club has given those who’ve participated the opportunity to designate time for professional reading, reflect on personal practice, discuss and exchange theoretical and practical ideas, and connect with librarians across the state.

Author Biographies

Carrie Bishop, Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Distance Learning Librarian at Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Christina Riehman-Murphy, Penn State Abington

Reference and Instruction Librarian

Melissa Correll, Arcadia University

Information Literacy and Instruction


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